Friday, 19 November 2010

SJA: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Hey, look it's the Trickster, and in thi... what? ... no Trickster? Dangnabit! Instead, we have a new SJS like woman (who is not at all ever going to turn out to be evil, oh no) who is likable (and not evil) and could actually work as another member of the crew (as long as she isn't evil) and could add an interesting new dynamic (presuming she sticks around for longer than this story as she isn't at all going to be evil).

But while they hint at this new prospect in the first half, in the second half it's once again Elizabeth Sladen with easy shooting days as everyone else runs around saying "Where is Sarah Jane Smith?". Side note, it's ... amazing? intriguing? annoying? just how often her full name is spoken. It's like extra gravitas is added if only all three components are uttered. Then again, just continually going on as "Sarah Jane" instead of "Sarah" probably adds a few minutes to each show meaning there is less script to write, so I can see why they would do that.

Anyway, to continue with the spoilers, we get Luke turning up again, and a completely improbable set of circumstances involving him, K9 and a phone that pushes the limits of technology past their braking point that would have been amusing had it been played for a joke as in Rimmer's enlarging the photograph in Return To Earth, but instead is played as real and just doesn't read at all... (take a breath, and start new sentence)

Anyway, this last episode is average for SJA, which is to say it's good, but not "series closing" big like some past ones. Roll on series five! (I'm still watching, so take that as a thumbs up!)



Fantômas said...

And then there was all those people Luke killed. Well I guess needs of many all that, small sacrifice to save the world. More likely, being a kids show they just decided not to worry about that sort of thing.

Jamas Enright said...

And I'm sure all those people being removed from hospital etc in the previous adventure didn't cause any problems either...