Saturday, 4 December 2010

Funny Guys, Part One

I like humour, and have been watching a fair few comedians recently.

Eddie Izzard (Live From Wembley): He knows what he's doing, going for some of the more absurd style of comedy (transvestite super hero!), I felt the show was a bit weaker than others. Like the material wasn't as polished as other performances.

Jimmy Carr (Making People Laugh): Now here's a comedian that's constantly honing his craft. One liners, observational humour, anecdote humour, a full range of laughs. Should check out all his shows.

Billy Connolly (Live In London): Hilarious! And it's not just me who thinks so! Billy spends more than a few minutes laughing at his own jokes. Lots of anecdote comedy, so he's lucky a lot of funny stuff happens to him. Hoarse Scottish voice still in fine form.

Dara O'Briain (Talks Funny, This is the Show): Mixture of anecdote comedy and talking with the audience, rants on several topics including, yes, religion and other woo topics. Lovely Irish accent, talking really funny stuff.

Sean Lock (Live, Lockaepedia): Not laughing as much at these shows, then again I didn't laugh as much during his comments on QI. Not to say he isn't funny, just not entirely lining up with my preferred styles. Anecdote comedy again.

Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge and Other Less Successful Characters): This is the show he was touring over in NZ a few years ago, but I failed to go to it. Pity, as this is fantastic. His "other characters" are a bit hit and miss, yet the variety keeps up so if you don't fancy one, wait a while then another will turn up. And then half way, he switches to Alan Partridge and great hilarity there. Basically, this man is a serious professional funny man, and demonstrates it perfectly.

Ross Noble (Things): Mad. That's the only way to describe his show: mad. Observational humour, and it's whatever's in front of him at the time. I have to wonder that all his shows within a tour are so radically different, as I could only really spot one bit that could be prepared material, and the rest... trust me, no-one is going to get "Hawaiian Emergency Kit" unless you were there. Mad. Funny... and mad.

British comedians, yes. I saw Heckler a while ago, in which Jamie Kennedy whines about being heckled. Should have interviewed British comedians, mate, you'll see real professionals handle hecklers. If you heckle them, you'd better be ready to stand up to it...


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