Sunday, 5 December 2010


Who's going to earn a ton of money then? The first half of the last one, that's who.

Do I need to go over the plot? Harry and co go camping and three hours of all our lives later, they are still there! It's just as boring on film as it was in the book! Oh, there are some other scenes happening, but the "we live in the woods" mini-movie overwhelms the mind...

I think this movie does show that CGI and motion capture and other effect technology has reached a good point where it is seamlessly integrated onto the screen. Eyelines might still be a little off, but camera moves hide sins and, yeah, it's all working fine.

And there's a nice sequence where we learn about the Deathly Hallows themselves, in that it's done in a nicely animated sequence that harkens back to shadow puppets yet still with CGI stylings. Well done.

Given the build up over the years (and, to be honest, I'd forgotten the Half-Blood Prince, so this will be a set of movies to watch back-to-back, as no doubt many cinemas will do to get more money), and given this is a "they are in the woods" movie, aside from the main three actors, every one else is largely bit parts. It nice to see the cameos, but they aren't really in there. Instead, it's all about Daniel, Emma and Rupert... and it could be said they're getting tired of this series. Certainly, I'm sure while they like the attention, they'll be glad when filming is finished (I'm sure there'll be some minor stuff for Part II that still needs them).

If you've seen the other movies, you'll see this one. If you haven't seen them... don't go to this, number seven is not the jumping on point. It's ending!


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