Thursday, 16 December 2010

Killer At Large

This document will make you never want to eat food again. At least, it will make you not want to each food while watching it. Even eating carrots and tofu chicken will cause waves of guilt to run through your body.

Killer At Large is about the obesity epidemic. As it is in America, nowhere else is mentioned, so we can only assume America is the only place with this problem. (Go, America, Number One!)

These movies follow a similar pattern. Outline the problem, typically giving a human interest story to draw the viewer in. Then explain how we got here, usually pining the blame on big corporations and/or government, and show plucky people trying to get their message across. Then give us some ways this could be fixed, before finally ending on showing big corporations / government stepping on the little heroes introduced in the movie. That's certainly what happens here.

But one thing I noticed while watching this: this movie is about obesity, and how everyone is getting fat, yadda yadda.. and yet most of the people talking where not fat! Really? So I should believe you, when you aren't a tubby? And, one amusing note, they talk to children in primary school to find out what shocking things they have for lunch (pizza, popcorn chicken) and in the background is a table of fruit! I'm not saying they don't have a point, but the visuals (and we are visual creatures) aren't following along. (One guy I saw with fat... the phys ed teacher!) Also not helped by most scenes being backed by very annoying music.

While this documentary has a point, I might have become a bit saturated (sic) with them, as seeing nothing special about this one.


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