Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 2

The truck broke down, and Maxwell and Kit stayed to fix it. We continued on to the city, and picked up another companion, Gnomey, a swarm of gnomes. (Best not to ask.)

As we approached the city, the ground became swampy and infested with large dragon flies and earth creature things that attacked us. Not very successfully as it happened, but still they delayed us. At the end of that fight, undergoing the continual Alpha Flux I and my companions are prone to, I became a giant version of myself.

Didn't help battering down the trees and bushes that had overgrown the city, though. After forcing our way inside, we encountered some badders defending a building, and also got attacked by some mosquito type things. I lost my giantism, but gained better perception, which minorly helped seeing the tiny creatures. Gnomey got a hold of the walkie-talkie and found out that there were some roaming demons around, and they destroyed some badders at station 20, wherever that was. We decided to stay clear of that!

Continuing on, through the overgrown city with its overgrown beetle which also attacked us. (What is it with this place?) All of us beating on it, still took a while to go down. (Hint: don't try psychic damage, ow, the feedback!) Just as that fight ended, I erupted on fire! At least my wings did. Better speed... but I was a tree on fire!

That only lasted until we found a room with tree lizardy things in them, then the fire went away and I got some extra arms. Until they became tentacles. Which lattery became venomous spurs, which also proved helpful in taking out the lizards. Fluxm or what?

End up: we're still in the city... yay...


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