Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sky Liner

I realised something very important about this movie. It's a remake! We have aliens turning up, gathering up humans to consume them, large creatures roaming about with weird eyes... it's War of the Worlds, all over again! With really annoying people!

This movie features the world's stupidest man, Jarrod (someone), played by Eric Balfour. We start with him unable to recognise his partner is pregnant, to standing watching an alien invasion, to him being unable to open a door. Not exactly someone we want as our leading man, but we're stuck with him. And with the other whiny adults. Basically, while watching this, there is no real sense in which we shouldn't think the aliens won't be taking over the earth handily.

There are two reasons to watch this movie: Donald Faison and David Zayas. They have the best roles. Oh, and there's lot of CGI aliens about the place too, and they look cool. For a while it doesn't seem that we'll get to see them, but soon there are daylight scenes happening with them in full view (speaking of daylight, days seem to last around five minutes. We go from the alien invasion starting at 4.30 in the morning, then five minutes later they rush up to the roof and it's mid morning... wuh-huh? And then the "girls" are getting rest... did anyone need to eat or anything? Man, it must be tiring being in a luxury apartment with a telescope...).

I can recommend this movie as a "look what effects can do" picture... and that's about it...


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