Saturday, 29 January 2011


Just to prove he's talented Ryan Reynolds skips from action, to rom-com, to independent-film-about-being-stuck-in-a-coffin to another action movie with a green ring.

The story is simple: Paul was a trucker in Iraq that got captured and stuck in a coffin underground so the terrorists can ransom him for money. We then follow him as he tries to survive and reach out to the world through a cellphone, until he...

Well, what do you think? This is an indie picture, so don't expect the usual plot points to happen. There are some very nasty moments, and Ryan Reynolds delivers a very credible performance, being in which I'm sure must have been an extremely uncomfortable shooting set.

Looking at the IMDB entry, it doesn't look like it came to meeting it's costs... on the other hand, I highly doubt the budget was $3mil... While a sequel would be tricky, I can certainly see this team going on to other movies...


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