Tuesday, 11 January 2011

El Capo

It's been a while coming, but The Cape has finally made its debut. It's the story of a man who was framed as a killer and so became... The Batman! No, wait, not that, something else...

Anyway, he's a cop turned hero, and this is his origin story. A huge driving force of the pilot is the father/son relationship, will have to see if that continues. I doubt it, but there will probably be brief touching moments of him and his kid.

This also opens up a world of... well, not superheros and villains per se, but definitely people who can fit that role within more normal bounds of reality. The show is split up into smaller acts that have mini opening titles, usually the name of one of the "colourful characters". Is a touch different, and nice.

Talent-wise, as lead we have David Lyons - about whom I know nothing (don't watch ER). We also have Eric Roberts... I mean James Frain. Summer Glau is also has a main role, so this series will probably be canceled after a season or two.

But in the mean time, I definitely intend to check out episode two.


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