Monday, 10 January 2011

Tron Legaced

Yes it had to happen sooner or later. This is one film that opens up the question of: how long can you leave it before you do a sequel?

As usual, I saw this movie in 2D, as that was easier. That isn't to say that I wouldn't mind seeing it in 3D. In fact, I can see that it would be a more spectacular movie in 3D. ... However, that does get to the heart of the point I have about this movie. This movie is a spectacle, in the full sense of it being something to look at. As for the other senses...

This movie is about the son of Flynn re-entering the computer world, and taking us back to the loved moments of Tron. And it repeats many of those moments from Tron. Yes, it has some new bits, but it does borrow a lot from that earlier script. (Speaking of 'bit' where was that, eh?) But the movie does boil down to "I'm a User, get me out of here!"

The full point of the spectacle comes out in the action scenes, which are very actiony... and then compared to the talky scenes, which are incredibly talky and, more to the point, slow. This is a very schizophrenic movie, switching between fast paced action to dead slow everything else. Was there humour in the first movie? I can't remember as there's none here. There's just earnest serious and Flynn giving us bad hippy speak.

And looking young. The Clu effect works... in a lot of cases. Not so much on the full on close up, when you can see the computer generating the face before you, but in the mid and long shots... There's clearly a lot of money in the effects, and, like Clu, work mostly.

In some ways, Jeff Bridges also steals the movie from Garrett Hedlund, but then everyone does. Bruce Boxleitner does, Olivia Wilde does, even Michael Sheen does! And yet, he'll probably be back for the sequel...

I can't say this is a brilliant Legacy to the Tron movie. Or even a brilliant movie in and of itself. Unfortunately, it is supposed to have the job of being the Legacy, so...


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evildicemonkey said...

You didn't have anything in your review about this movie being the
for TRON?
Most disappointing