Thursday, 27 January 2011

From Bad To... Less Bad

Why do I watch these movies?

Dark Island (2010): The basic premise is generic, but interesting. Team of people goes missing on island, another team is sent in to find out what's up. The big bad in this case is the Smoke Monster from Lost. However, exactly what caused this monster is explained... but I wasn't paying attention. We are subjected to backstories for the characters, and twists and turns as people's agendas are suddenly uncovered, and... gah! Way to mess up an interesting story! Actors in the movie you might have heard of are... Um... not a good movie.

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009): A Japanese movie that is in the classic style of bizarre happenings and buckets and buckets and fountains of blood flowing. The Vampire Girl decides she wants a new boyfriend, but there's another girl interested, and the teachers are crazy, and the Vampire Girl enjoys being a vampire and is completely callous about killing off anyone who finds out, and then there are the wrist cutters (it's an event!) and the wanna-be African girls and... madness... enjoyable, wacky madness, but madness none-the-less.

Coming Soon (2008): A ghost horror movie from Thailand, which reminded me of Ringu. A new film is about to be released, some people get previews, and then deaths start happening, and it seems to be one of the characters from the movie. I won't explain what exactly is causing it, but it is an interesting variant on the usual ghost story causings. Not a lot of shocking scares, although the atmosphere is well built up and maintained. A decent ghost story.

Virus X (2010): (Also known as H1N1: Virus X.) A wealthy woman wants her own plague, so H1N1 is called in to service. However, the medical team creating it are exposed to the virus, and now they are on the road to death. A dreary, slow and, again, fatalistic movie, but at least it has a known actor in the form of Sybil Danning. This movie takes itself too seriously to be enjoyed.

Look at that, the two worst movies were American... how about that?


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