Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I've Been Watching...

Since I've had a few days off (back to work tomorrow, sigh), I managed to work my way through The Trial of a Time Lord. Although, to be honest, I've done everything but watch it. In that I watched the main story with commentary and production subtitles on, and haven't watched the story straight per se, as well as all the extras.

Certainly an interesting event in what was happening during the "hiatus" (*) and during the season itself in terms of who was supposed to write what versus who did actually write it. This is one of the most interesting periods of Doctor Who in what was going on behind the scenes, and a lot of that does come up during the DVD, but it is spread out a bit, and could have been done with being better collated (presuming they wanted to give the full picture, they might not have wanted to focus too much on that side of things).

One question I do have: why no Bonnie Langford? It's not like she gave up on DW, so where is she? Was it just really unfortunate scheduling? (Is she on any DVDs?)

One DVD per day was better than trying to get them all out in one day. Does suggest that it is better to keep with DW as intended, and watch, at best, one episode per day. DVD compilation isn't necessarily better.

(*) It does have to be pointed out that the BBC / Michael Grade said "it's off for 18 months" and it was only off for 18 months. The fan effort to bring things back didn't really do too much, did it? Aside from producing a truly horrible song.


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Anonymous said...

She's on the commentary for "Time and the Rani"! And a great commentary it is too!