Thursday, 6 January 2011

I've Been Watching...

In a vague attempt to try to get through some of the backlog, I watched the Barnsley classic The Creature From Down't Pit.

It's actually quite a well paced story, nearly taking place in real time for the most part. We go from arrival, to Adastra's palace, to down the pit, to everyone getting down the pit, to the translater, and then the final bit with putting aluminium around a neutron star (as one does), and boom! that's ninety enjoyable minutes later!

No, it's not all perfect. The bandits were all cast from the ham school of over-acting, and then there's Erato, firmly in place with such other creations as the Magma Beast and the Myrka... On the other hand, Myra Frances is brilliant, and one might almost think that Geoffry Bayldon should be playing the Doctor... oh, hang on.

On the extras side, Lalla gets in a few digs at Tom (as he would have at her), and we get to see Tom in completely mad mode in Animal Magic.

Yes, sir, I liked that a lot.


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