Monday, 31 January 2011

The Last Excoriation

At last! A movie where the skeptic is proven to be totally right and science and reality win! Although not this movie... (to be honest, I have no idea what movie I was referring to there...)

It does give it a good go. A preacher who has lost his faith is out to show how fake exorcisms are and goes on one last case... and at that point (about 10 minutes in) a three-year-old baby can tell you the rest of the plot. We do get the fake exorcism through some nicely spliced footage(*), but then, of course, it starts getting actually weird and what is really going on? Could it be... there is something to believe in...?

(*) There's a huge issue with this "documentary" about who is releasing this film, let alone editing it, but I've given enough away...

Patrick Fabian gives a great performance as the lead Cotton Marcus. Ashley Bell proves rather flexible as Nell Sweetzer (I could tell there was no CGI there!). ...and the rest of the actors are there.

This film could nearly be a rational film... but of course where's the money in that? As a horror movie, it's decent enough, but nothing too spectacular.


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