Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Decoded... or Deluded?

I started watching a conspiracy theory series, Brad Meltzer's Decoded (named to distinguish from all those other Decodeds out there...).

I think I was expecting something a bit more fun... but this just takes itself far too seriously. Brad Meltzer is a writer who's used a fair few conspiracy theories in his books (yeah, 'cos that's never bad). So he's got his own show in which he stands in a blue screen room and espouses different ideas, while a team of people get to travel around America, talking to people and finding things out. (Which isn't a bad job in and of itself. Hell, I know I wouldn't mind that opportunity.)

But there is a lot of "what are you talking about?" moments. The Freemasons get into the first episode, so you know you're in sane territory. Now, while they do go off the deep end, they do manage to claw back into some pool of sanity for a final conclusion (the ending of the Statue of Liberty is amazingly rational given the stuff they are told, and supposedly believe, during the episode).

I thought I might get some interesting story ideas out of this, but frankly I'm not sure why I'm still watching it...


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