Sunday, 23 January 2011

Of Steam, Steel and Murder

We finally have the funeral of Telsa... and somehow the PCs completely fail to fall into inter-party bickering! There's lots of excitement, and Gavin is well out of it. Not to say he doesn't have his moment, going 'Jack Bauer' on a Frenchman, and hobbling communications of the bad guys...

(Speaking of bad guys, this is what the creatures looked like.)

And he also kicks off a major plot device in the form of... well, just listen, and see if the other PCs want any part of it... (Bert wanted the PCs to be more cohesive, so I guess I should get everyone involved...)

You can download Game 29 from either RapidShare or Hotfile.



evildicemonkey said...

Just a quick question, why the 2 uploads now? Trying out a new one? (I prefer Hotfile as it's quicker)

Jamas Enright said...

Okay kiddies, story time! Last SSM game, Uncle Bert recorded the game, and eventually put it up on the site, but it was soon pointed out to him that Part 2 was corrupt, short, and rubbish. However, Uncle Bert was confused and why this happened, but knew he could get another version of the recording from Uncle Jamas.

Except, for some reason, when he tried to get it from my blog, it wouldn't work. Now, I have accounts with RapidShare (was way back), Hotfile and MegaUpload for ... reasons ... and so Uncle Jamas uploaded that game to Hotfile, which worked. And, at the time, found that uploading to Hotfile was very quick and easy.

And since it's likely I might be dropping RS, I'm going to dual-upload for now...

evildicemonkey said...

And then the Pirates invaded? (You can't have a good story without Pirates).

Thanks for the explanation