Monday, 24 January 2011

Relic of Lovecraft

While Lovecraft does enjoy a rather cult (sic) following, I don't think it would be undue to say that many people know of it due to the RPG than the books. But Devin McGinn clearly knows the books, and shows it in what is undeniably, albeit better produced than most, fan film to Lovecraft.

There's a Relic, it's of Cthulhu, and if it, and its other half, are united Great Cthulhu will be released from his tomb beneath the sea. Fortunately, there is a descendant of Lovecraft (yep, Lovecraft had heirs) who can protect the Relic... and by "can" I mean he's presented as something of a loser, gets given the Relic, and then is involved in a mad scramble to try to beat off the oncoming hordes.

For this isn't a horror epic so much as a comedy buddy pic (and the writer gives himself "jerk friend with better lines" role), as these two guys suddenly come to terms with living in a cthonian world with deep ones and Starspawn and it's all real! There is a lot of Cthulhu here, but there is also a lot of attempted humour. Ultimately, it is someone trying to give their own love letter to Lovecraft, and trying to make it funny as well. Um.

But, of course, the main question is: how good are the effects? For the most part, not bad. There are some rather dodgy deep one costumes, but the director fortunately had the presence of mind to keep shots of them brief and in the dark. The Starspawn makeup is well done, and the half-deep one gills are very well blended into the skin.

This is very much "we made it with our mates" style of fan movie, with a reasonable budget. If you can get past the humour, it's a decent Lovecraft film, and they definitely set up the possibility of future films. Rate it as "good effort".


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