Saturday, 12 February 2011

Damn you, Warner Bros!

I've professed my liking of Green Lantern before, and am still waiting for the damn movie to come out... and one thing we all expected to happen is of course happening (and was announced long ago).

The Green Lantern video game: Green Lantern: Rise of the the Manhunters.

Now, video game adaptations can be hit or miss (as evidenced by, for example, the Harry Potter video games, or the Star Wars Prequel video games which weren't so much adaptions as where they got the footage for the movie from.) So what exactly we'll end up with is anyone's guess, especially when considering that the ring is supposed to take any imaginable form, and that it can so easily become "here's the next bad guy (read: Manhunter) to thump". (The Manhunters, for those who don't know, were robot predecessors to the Green Lantern Corp, created by the Oans, but who went rogue, and form a core part of the Millennium story line.)

But there is a vital component that really ticks me off far more than the possibility of what the game might be... and that is accessing the game in the first place. It's multi-platform, meaning PS3, X-Box, Wii, DS...

Wait a minute, I see something missing there. A platform that I use, and so do a lot of other people... where's the PC, dammit? Is porting it over too hard, especially given that they already did that for the DC Universe Online, never mind the crapness of that decision?

I want to play this game... but I don't want to pay $500-600 bucks just for a large hunk of plastic and electronics just to do so! I already have a lot of excuses for not playing, don't make 'not available in my format' be the easy option to take!



Alden Bates said...

Are they making a PC version at all, or is it like "War for Cybertron", where they only released the PC version in a few markets?

Jamas Enright said...

I've seen no sign of a PC version anywhere... but might not know about it..