Friday, 11 February 2011

USA supports North Korea

I consume a lot of media, watched a fair few documentaries, and am cynical about how people and governments act in this world. And one common thread that comes up is that America (in this case, the government, or the shadowy people that control the government) has its fingers in many, many pies.

There are a lot of dictatorships and countries that only operate with American approval. And if America doesn't approve, then 'bye bye' to that ruler one way or another. The Zeitgeist movie says that the progression is "buy them, if can't do that then kill them, if can't do that then send in the troop", hence Iraq and other places.

But what no-one has done (that I could find) is take the next logical step. If there's some country out there, wherever, whatever, if it's behaving in a way that you or I might interpret as 'bad' in some way, and in which there might be a simple, albeit also 'bad', way to solve that problem, and yet... that country is still there...

Take as a random example, oh, let's pick out of a hat... North Korea. Pretty much all documentaries I've seen about it paint it as a scary place that's so far under the thumb of Their Glorious Leader that "extreme sanction" could be seen as an entirely forgivable act. And there's threats of bombs and other wackiness, now is as good a time as any...

But, he's still in charge. Indeed, without any signs of acts upon his person, there are three logical conclusions, if one presumes the conspiracy route of 'one can only act with American approval' as to why:

a) He is being bribed. Certainly hasn't been killed or invaded, so if America is acting over there, then bribery is working. And everything he does is with American approval. (See below for why it's good for him to act like that.)

b) He isn't being bribed, but is not threatening America in any serious way. While he is trying out bombs etc., he's not making a move pointing crosshairs at America, and so he is making himself an extremely useful pawn in America's aim to control everyone else by using him as an excuse to pass more laws giving them control etc.

c) He can't be touched by America. Which is pretty amazing considering that America apparently controls everyone else in the world. It also seems unlikely that, should they want to, there are plenty of opportunities for America to do him harm if they really wanted to.

So if America is controlling the world, then North Korea is an interesting case study.

Or the conspiracy theorists are wrong... but what are the odds of that?


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