Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Face Up to Face Off

I don't watch a lot of reality TV shows, but there are a couple... and now there's another one on my list. This one is a search for the greatest... Special Effects Make-Up Artist Evah!!!

Yes, that's right, make up artists... but when the judges are people like Patrick Tatopoulos, you know the game is on. And this is some impressive effect works!

The basic format is: intro guff for five minutes. Then ten minutes of the Foundation Challenge, which is two hours to do something interesting and the winner gets an advantage in the Spotlight Challenge. Then twenty minutes for the full on Spotlight Challenge. Lastly two minutes of judging stretched out to ten minutes...

So, typical reality show style there, but this is, as I said, very impressive stuff. This way you can see what goes on behind the scenes and how effects are built up and how models are treated (not good for some artists). There is, as you would expect, one really annoying guy who needs to be booted off, but probably won't be as he is good ratings, although there are other crazy people. There are shy ones, confident ones, and everyone else.

Who will win? At this point, the audience is doing rather well. So check out Face Off.


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