Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tombe of Horrors! Death II

[Fun is fun, but here they come up against the necessity of the plot.]

In the chapel they find another PC, tied up on a pew (they'd completely failed to notice him before). This leads them to investigating the pews and activating more traps. And then the male-female Tiefling goes through the arch again, becoming male but now nude and back at the entrance.

They realise (ie are prodded heavily) they need a ring, so go back and investigate more, finding another crawlway to another room of traps... I mean, chests. Not traps at all. And then when they activate a trap... I mean, open a chest, the thing inside manages to activate the other traps and what would have been easy is now nearly impossible. Especially as the Tiefling can't use any powers without an implement due to bad wording. They do put up a valiant stand, and manage some amazing death saves, but...

Death count: 5.

They poke around the rest of the hall of spheres, and go through another arch (losing clothes again), then back to the chests (and I haven't reset hit points or anything) and the big bad gets to play whack-a-mole with more amazing death saves, however...

Death count: 8.

This time, they act intelligently and get one of the bad guys to activate a trap so it targets the bad guys. They sit back, take pot shots, and finally...

Their big prize? A magic ring they need to continue this tomb. And it truly is beginning to be horrible. (At least another couple of sessions to go yet.)


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