Monday, 21 February 2011

Waiting for Education

Just watched yet another documentary, this one on the state of American education. In particular, it attempts to put a face on all the kids that are going to fail in the system.

Because the system will fail them. In fact, the documentary makes the point quite solidly that for most people, you will go to somewhere crappy, onto some other crappy place, and then never get to higher education. Unless they apply to some semi-decent place and get in by winning a lottery pick. Which, given the odds, are highly unlikely.

But, anyway, the movie does try to be optimistic and show some ways schooling can work... unless the system is also set up to block any attempt at creating a decent education system, which it is.

A wanna-be hopeful, but ultimately discouraging film. It does make me want to look at how New Zealand is doing...

Or we just send all the kids here:


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