Sunday, 20 February 2011

Team Xero #005

Zombies. Yay... never really got excited (in any way) by zombies. So here's an amusing, but admittedly not brilliant, zombie based issue. (And this is the software for droning voices!)

Meet our Zombie Overlords!



evildicemonkey said...

"Give in and become a zombie"?

So you're helping to pave the way for the destruction of the Human Race? You must be one of those space aliens the man on the corner keeps shouting about.
Your name is even an anagram of "Earth Man Jigs", only an alien would need to use subtle manipulation to include the words Earth Man in his/its name.

I'm on to you.

Also, I didn't get your "nerd" joke so you must be using alien humour.

Jamas Enright said...

(Presuming your serious) The nerd line is one of the harder to work out what she is saying. It is "I want to spot your traaaaaaains."

evildicemonkey said...

Ah, that makes sense.

Do you not have the slang term of "Anorak" in NZ?
Typically that is what Train Spotters would be called over here as opposed to Nerds (probably because that is what they are depicated as wearing while standing on rainy platforms waiting for trains to arrive).

Jamas Enright said...

I'm aware of Anorak (I've even seen "Resistance is Useless"!), but it's not a common term over here.
But "nerd" and "train spotting" is generic and associative enough to work (if you can understand what is said...).