Thursday, 3 February 2011

You want to install WHAT???

I installed the latest version of Apple the other day, and got annoyed by it all over again. Yes, it is possible to be a bit more precise than the standard installer, but it brought up installation issues that really tick me off.

DLLs. Really? Do you really need to install those DLLs and, more importantly, why do you need them to run when I start up my computer? If you need all those DLLs, do you know what that tells me? It tells me you've written a really bad program and are relying on so many other packages that I'm surprised it doesn't crash while installing. Unless I really want the package, wanting to install DLLs makes me hit the "Cancel" button...

Unnecessary Functions. Do I need to link in with Outlook? Or a Photo Processor? Or weird services that refer to other things I don't have? More importantly, when I block those items with Online Armor from working, the package immediately crashes. What? I don't need them. Why are you so hung up on needing them? Is your software so fragile (read: buggy) that it can't work without bluetooth connectivity to my toaster??

Start Up. No, you do not need to start up with my computer. There are some packages that I am likely to use, but even for those I don't want you in my start up, hogging my resources. And even if I try to disable the start-up-i-ness, it just hides the start up options and starts up anyway! Is this software I want or a virus???

Get better installers guys. No wonder my computer has problems. It's not spyware or trojans or hacks... it's bad, buggy programs!



evildicemonkey said...

You want to install WHAT??

No really, what's Apple? (I take it it's not the Mac OS)

Jamas Enright said...

Huh... a case of the product being known by the manufacturer? Is this the next Xerox?

Anyway, Apple iTunes was the precise piece of software.