Monday, 25 April 2011

DW: 6.1

Okay, going to need a while to process that... however, I'm fully aware this was written by Steven "Bootstrap Paradox" Moffat, so I'm not entirely believing what I'm seeing....

So this is America, is it? Aside from a bit of desert, could easily be a set in a studio. Never really thought of Mark Sheppard being the son of W. Morgan Sheppard. Makes it easy for them to play the same person, I suppose though.

Anyways, to the story. What the smeg? As I mention, I'm not entirely believing that we saw the Doctor die. Let alone for the meta reason that there'll be another actor along to play him long before that happens. And this easily could be another bootstrap paradox that Moffat loves so much.

Still, the episode runs along quite nicely until they get to the warehouse where it starts to slow down for a while. Have to say the Silence look good. Clearly a mask (I presume Paul Kasey is under there), but nicely made. A lot of explain there, tunnels under the planet, but since these are supposed to be the enemy of this series (I presume), they need a good build up and to actually be a threat. (So often they are built up big but then defeated with a mere twist of the wrist.)

I'm looking forward to seeing next week, if only because it'll help seeing the complete story.

Next week: Um...


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