Sunday, 24 April 2011

Life's a Be-ach

I haven't been around the past few days because... I've been up at the beach! My parents have a bach near Paraparaumu, so I thought I'd start off the long weekend (one of the few holidays this year) with some time out at the coast.

Started well with me losing my sunglasses on the train, so that was useful when out and about in the sun. And while I went up on the train, came back down on the bus (as no trains were running over the weekend). What a pain.

But yes, to skip to the question: I did go for a wade in the ocean. In April in New Zealand (ie middle of Autumn), with the temperatures that implies. Actually, the water itself wasn't too bad. Certainly not overly warm, and it may have been numbing from cold rather than be warm, but the water was fine. The waves as they splashed were on the shocking cold side, but the water was nice. Standing there, in sun, very peaceful.

I'd like to visit nearby Kapiti Island some time. This does involve forward planning, as you need to apply for a permit first. This does tie you in a bit... Still, be an interesting visit...

A more summary time might be more enjoyable in the ocean... however, this was nice too...


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