Friday, 15 April 2011

The Look of the Thing

This week has been an announcement of costumic proportions.

First up, there's been a lot (ie at least one or two people) about the Green Lantern costume. Something about the lines of it didn't sit right, and the CGI hadn't quite congealed yet... however, one bonus of having it be entirely CGI means that it can easily be replaced without needing to reshoot anything! (As long as you're willing to rerun the computer rendering time.) As indeed has happened with Ryan Reynolds' outfit. I'm not hardcore, pure-insistent enough to care if they have Hal's outfit exactly as drawn, so... you know what? I like it. Yeah, okay, the feet, we'll see, but I like the highlight lines, gives the suit an extra edge. Now coming on and release the damn movie already!

And in other news, we will be seeing Adrienne Palicki's legs. The first Wonder Woman outfit was very... shiny, and, no didn't work. So fans complained, and thus the more subdued, and far better looking, non-shiny version was put into place. But fans still lusted after Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman (and why not?), and so there will be the little shorts version of the costume to come as well. Will they be gratuitous or driven by the story? Or both? We'll just have to wait and see... and we'll definitely be looking...


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