Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's CAME-zzzz

It's the bestest thing ever since people had the idea of cutting bread product with a sharp blade! It's from England, so you know it's good! It's what all the cool guys are watching!

It's Camel... *zzz* <snore>

Because everything is better if it's more adult, after Rome and Blood and Sand and whatever the hell else, we now have Camelot, the legend that inspired a model. This is "grown up", but which we mean there are occasional scenes of naked people having sex.

Although when people are stabbed with a sword, there's very little blood. Sex might be okay, but we can't be having with violence, kids might watch this after all!

Anyway, in this take on Arthurian myth, Morgana kills her father Uther and takes over the throne, and is a complete bitch, and hooks up with some other king for power. Merlin runs off to find Uther's son Arthur whom he stashed away before for just this contingency. Another twist here is that Merlin is unlikeable and Arthur is a young whiny pratt... so not that much of a twist. Then there's the posturing of the kids and claims to the throne, and people being killed and... bah!

This is grim and gritty and dark and emo angst crap. I have no interest in that. And, worst of all, the episode doesn't engage me at all. I say 'episode' in the singular because although a few have been screened by now, I could only make it through one (which never seemed to end) and have no interest in seeing the others. At least Merlin had fun while it failed to tell a decent story!

Critics are raving about Camelot, but that doesn't mean much. And network executives know that we certainly don't need anything original on when we can recycle other people's ideas...


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