Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lower than the ocean floor

In the latest round of 'aquatic monster', we have Dinoshark. ...oh dear gods...

These have never been good, but this is terrible. The dinoshark is released from thawing ice, and comes south to Mexico to terrorise people and take part in a water polo contest or something. Frankly, the story is horrendous, the dialogue is deplorable, the delivery is stilted, every take is the first one, and the dinoshark is so obviously superimposed on the shots that a cut-out held up in front of the camera would be more realistic!

And it takes four minutes until the first death, unforgivable!

I really hope the actors are doing this purely for the money. Eric Balfour actually did something decent back in the day, and they even got Roger Corman to be in front of the camera! Iva Hasperger has... not been in anything noteworthy, but does seem happy to take off her top when she sees a crude drawing of a dinoshark on her computer screen. (Really, it's an odd moment in the scene, she's researching Dinoshark, then suddenly she takes her top off (wearing a bra underneath, no Pirahna 3D nudity here!) and then the scene changes... what the?)

(Secret note: I wrote this entry half-way during watching this. If anything interesting happens, I'll bother to amend this entry...)

Why, Syfy? Why?


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