Sunday, 1 May 2011

Doctor Who: 2 in 1 . 2

Another twin book, this one being System Wide/The Good, the Bad and the Alien by Oli Smith/Colin Brake. Maybe it's just me having already gotten used to it, however this read, as a book, a lot better than the previous one.

System Wipe by Oli Smith features a virtual reality computer game, in the future! I'm not saying he rips on World of Warcraft, it is more generic than that, but it is definitely a fantasy fighter reality game. In that world, and in the real world with Rory and Amy, the world is being destroyed, so this needs to be stopped. The plot is very direct, the peoples go to point A, get information, then go to point B and stop what's going on. There are some character revelations, but basically Oli Smith relies on switching from one 'surprise' to another to keep things going. It is quite readable, although not spectacular.

The Good, the Bad and the Alien by Colin Brake features the Wild West, with aliens! The aliens aren't at all surprising, at least for the few humans that see them. Colin Brake does a few tricks to avoid humans seeing aliens, but mostly he keeps the action outside of town. The aliens are here hunting for a 'device', and... there's lot of riding around trying to track it down. That's the book, really. If it wasn't for the fact that people, including the aliens, had different names, not sure I would have been able to tell them apart. The pace keeps up enough to be enjoyable, although it's pretty light all the way through.

Both books, moderately good, so 1.5/2.


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