Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More Like "Arse-canum"

In an effort to learn more about this mysterious world that I otherwise observe from afar, I am interested in getting back into playing computer games (not that I ever was a huge computer game player, but they have their moments). Thanks to, I've picked up a lot of games cheap... about time I started playing them.

I loaded up Arcanum, an interesting looking RPG game that's had high reviews, and started playing... after spending an hour or so reading the manual. Seriously? I need to read all this first to get into the game? (Not that it helped, see later.)

Let's try to technology route, go for the Dwarf figure, and get into the game. Hmm... an airship (why do all alternative reality media feature air ships???)... crashing... and a quest to find some dude and give him a ring or something. Oh, and a follower! Neat! Let's peruse the area... (some time later) okay, need to kill the bandits at the bridge gate (okay don't need to, but...)... man, that's annoying. I suck at combat, after getting a good hit, I need to save the game, and then if the next hit is bad, reload. That sucks! And... I have a gun! I have lots of bullets! I have the Firearms skill! ... But why can't I use the damn gun! Can't find any way of shooting it! What??? And nothing in the manual, either! (later) okay, I'm level 7, fighting a level 1 sewer rat, and I'm only hitting one in ten times! Screw that...

Okay, new character, half-ogre, melee focused. Low intelligence, quite amusing. Some quest chains not immediately available, whatever. Got two companions now, and those bridge bandits are a joke. And so are the sewer rats... hang on, I get to the next stop in the main quest line, and... I'm too unintelligent to be understood? Huh, I'll try some other quests so I can up that stat, presuming I can find something my level and not die in the random encounters to get there, I'll see, however...

I CAN'T DO THE MAIN QUEST LINE???? WHAT????? Do I need to have stats at a particular level to do the main quest line? Why? Am I not supposed to be able to play the game with any character I choose? Shouldn't the game ensure I can play the main line?? Shouldn't the game let me know and enforce the limits???

I'll try a little longer to get Bob to work, but I'm not enthused... what else have I downloaded?



evildicemonkey said...

"Blah blah, an hour reading a manual, blah blah"

Welcome to old school CRPGs, that was standard back in the day (certainly from this bunch of developers).

And seriously? You don't spend at least as much time reading for an actual RPG that you're going to play with friends? You learn what skills do what, you learn some of the background of the world, you learn the gameplay differences between races... it's all there in the manual you read (whether CRPG or traditional RPG), what else would you expect to convey that much information?

"Blah blah, gun, blah blah firearms skills"

I have no idea why you couldn't use the gun, did you look at the stats of the gun itself and remember to equip it.

As to hitting the target...
How many skill points did you have, what's the lighting like, how far away is the target, is the target hidden behind something? Are the percentages not matching up with your actual hit rate?

And levels have nothing to do with accuracy, why would it?

(Hmmmm, did you have points in firearm or gunsmithing?)

"Blah blah, Stats, Blah Blah, Main Quest Line"

Er, I have no idea what you are talking about here, there should be an alternative way to do things. The only thing I can think to ask is were you playing with the unofficial patches, they fix a lot of bugs Troika Games didn't have time to deal with before they closed down.

Jamas Enright said...

blah blah other people blah blah

Key there being other people. They know the rules I didn't care about.

blah blah firearms blah blah

I'm not I did equip the gun properly. Nothing said how to equip the gun properly. Nowhere online said how to equip the gun properly. Yes, I had the skills.

blah blah main quest blah blah

Looks like the answer is to kill him. That I can do.

evildicemonkey said...

You don't know to put a gun in your hand?

I... I... I don't know what can be done to help you.