Friday, 8 April 2011

Side Quests are Fun!

Yeah, still playing Arcanum. I found the answer to my problem (of blocked quest) to be extreme violence. Isn't that always the way? Indeed, violence is nearly always an option in this game with most of the NPCs. And given my companions, it's three on one, so there's a good chance I can beat the crud out of them... but then I can't get XP!

That said, the most deadliest characters in the game isn't the foes I'm fighting but my own companions. Virgil has a bow (he gets a ranged weapon, I don't...) but when he fires into melee he often hits either me or Sugg, and we then get mad and try to kill him (what with auto-combat on and everything). I'm having to make sure I'm saving often not to get past the dangers of the environment, but to make sure I still have a team!

But I guess that I didn't need to put any points into Intelligence after all. That said, the "urgh" approach was wearing, and now he's "I take offense at your tone to me. Good day to you sir... I said 'good day'!" So that's amusing too!

Not that the main quest is incredibly engaging. Indeed, I got a wall of text the last time I interacted with it, so I'm still wandering the city, encountering minor quests and having fun dealing with those. Mostly "go here, and then come back", but it's diverting. One or two involve "go and do something bad", although I take the good option when it is presented (and money isn't an issue given certain... features of the game...). Not because I'm inherently good or anything, it's just that being bad would mean investing points into skills I'm not bothering with as I want to put those points elsewhere. Honesty through skill upgrades...

I was planning on breaking on leaving the city for the next major point, but am down the sewers clearing it out... however, it's a huge sewer and it takes time to cross, let alone beat up enemies (did find a sweet sword that's almost one-hitting creatures now). It's just... too big! No idea if I'm heading towards a major area of concentrate baddies, or a ladder, or what. I did spy a Swamp Thing that I'll beat on later, but it's slow good. All for those precious, precious XPs...


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