Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mr and Mrs Incredible

So what happens afterward? When you're tired of superheroing, and you've just met that special someone... this does! This movie from China is about two superpowered people just living normal lives. Including such normal things as kidney troubles and infertility...

Not a serious movie by any stretch, we have Mr and Mrs Flint, previously known as Gazer Warrior and Aroma Warrior. Now they have settled down, just gotten a house, and are wanting a child. Into this comes a martial arts competition and, more dangerously, a young woman with an attraction for a warrior she recognises from her youth...

And this is fun! Don't be expecting too much in the superheroics department however. There are a few scenes, but this is about them being husband and wife that happen to have super powers and a few extra complications in their lives because of that, more than there is a lot of ass-kicking. (It's like what the Shouty Woman and Stretchy Man from Kung Fu Hustle could have been.)

Louis Koo and Sandra Ng are great as the two leads, playing it up and keeping it grounded with emotions at the same time, and show real chemistry.

Work checking out if you can get a hold of it. (Although hopefully your subtitles will be more in sync than mine were...)


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