Monday, 30 May 2011

DW: 6.6

Um... Er... You know what, if you could miss this episode, I would recommend it. There's just nothing worth watching in it that couldn't have been folded into last week's...

What happens in this episode? They run around the monastery, the Gangers decide to kill the humans, and... hand on, that was the same as last week! They already decided that! And so why can't we have only had to go through one episode?

Okay, right, there's that bit at the end, but there was always something going on. Hmmm... Confidential is saying that this isn't the real Amy... wasn't the point of the episode that these Gangers were the same as the real people? Get on the same page people!

Really, I'm just depressed by the complete run-around with no impact that this episode was. Bah.

(BTW, didn't think the Ganger Doctor was going to be the one to die in Impossible Astronaut... no artron energy. And did they have to pay Tom Baker for the audio clip?)

Frankly, I'd rather rewatch Fear Her.

Next week: yeah, I watched the prequel, and am remembering River Song...


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