Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Tunnel

You've heard of the movie that was distributed over the torrents in an attempt to drum up interest and to get people to pay for it afterward? Yes, that's right, this is that movie!

Set in Sydney, this movie is about tunnels under the city. The city thought about using it to store water, but the homeless are staying there. Ace reporter Natasha wants the story so she, Pete (another reporter) and crew people Steve (camera) and Tangles (sound) enter the tunnels for on site reporting.

And then it starts going wrong. The homeless aren't there anymore... because something else is...

There are two important points about this movie.

One: This movie has a great atmosphere while in the tunnels. I don't know how much tunnel they had, but with the camera shots and running around and no lighting, it builds up a real sense of 'panic!' It's so spooky that if they ran tours, no-one would sign up.

Second: The atmosphere is completely undercut by the narrative device. They are interviewing people about what happened, which implies that... so yeah, we already know where things are going. It is still eerie, but what happens to the people is less so. Shame about that.

As a distribution model, it kicks ideas of pirating in the head. And, yeah, I'm thinking about which bundle to buy...


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