Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Giles and Sue Faff About

After Supersize-ing themselves, Giles Coren and Sue Perkins have gone on to lark about in other ways.

Giles and Sue Live the Good Life: In honour of 35 years since The Good Life, Giles and Sue attempted to live their own Good life and see if self-sufficiency is possible in 2010 like it was in 1975. As with the Supersizers, this involves them dabbling a bit, getting other people in to help out, and only partially taking it serious. Which meant a lot of not taking it seriously. Now, that does lead to some hilarious moments, although that did undercut the moments when they were trying to express a deeper point. Worth watching if you have a spare four hours (three episodes, plus Christmas special).

Giles and Sue's Royal Wedding: In honour of a certain event that has now just past, Giles and Sue look at royal weddings past, as well as more recent affairs (recent being, say, the 80s). Although broadcast before last Friday, it would have been interesting to see how the latest event ranked up against those historic ones. And, as usual for them, ending with a Royal Breakfast feast. This is about as interested in the royal wedding as I got, and could easily have been longer than the one-shot it was.

It's good to see their goofiness continue, although the point of them does seem to be more the goofiness, than what they are goofing about...


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