Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 6

We woke up to find ourselves in the care of a blind badder called Fazer. Or Fader. Fanner? Anyway, he was taking care of us, and wasn't best pleased when he found out that we'd killed his fellow badder guards (whom were acting under the command of the terrible porkers). We talked him into accepting that we weren't as terrible as we were, and convinced him his warren would still exist, once we killed all the porkers and the robots.

So then we headed further into the caves. Ahead, we found a large cavern with a grid, some robots and some porkers. To be honest, that fight was a bit of a push over, only Zebrox really getting scratched at all [the dice were really on our side tonight! Actually hitting them and not being hit ourselves so much! Huzzah!] We found some more amazing items on their bodies, but otherwise, were left with a large door and some control thingy.

When the others opened the door, I looked inside to see a large techy room with robots. Which came for us, me in particular as I was right beside the door. Again, we managed to thrash them more than they did us in (I actually got hurt that fight), and while it lasted longer, we still had a fairly easy victory over them. More huzzah!

Now, we have more robot den ahead of us. Let's hope this winning streak continues!


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