Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hare and Burke

When it comes to the matter of murder, it can either be treated with the utmost regard and due recognition of the seriousness of the matter... or it can be a comedy!

This movie is a... version of the events of two body suppliers (it wouldn't be correct to call them grave diggers, as they don't do a lot of that) as they seek to make an honest living by killing the people around them. And fall in love, of course, because there has to be a romantic story in all this.

It's all treated as a light hearted story (not so much of the laughter, but definite wry amusement), and ends in a fair bit happier way that certain realities would have you thinking. Yeah, they take lots of liberties, and seem to invent several modern contrivances along the way, but I'm willing to forgive such things as 'what's real' in the case of comedy (as long as it is funny).

One big point of the movie, the names. Check it out: Andy Sirkis, Simon Pegg, Bill Bailey, Jessica Hyne, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Curry, Ronnie Corbett, Isla Fisher... Not to mention cameos by the likes of Christopher Lee, Ray Harryhausen, Jenny Agutter, John Woodvine, and more!

Light entertainment of death, what more could you want?


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