Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Watch the Death 5

So it took us half an hour or so to plan, and even then it wasn't much of a plan we ended up with. We wanted to set things on fire, set up fire barricades, and the like. In the end, we dragged out a lump of metal to be a physical barrier, and started shooting them as they ran towards us.

It went well until we used dice to determine what would happen. In particular, bugger all of our rolls worked, and nearly all of the GM's rolls were superb. As it happened, I wasn't hit at all! Yay!

However, everyone else did get hit. And sliced. And chopped up. And had their blood fountain from their bodies. Oh, it wasn't pretty.

I ran back, set off the claymore mines (hit one of seven!!!), then pulled back further to set off the [tach nuke], which took the rest of them out. However, when I went out to get out of there, I couldn't get anything to work before they were on me.

So, positive note: I was the last to die. Negative note: I died. Keeping the trend alive!

[As everyone else died, we'll probably be switching to playing some other game next time. We'll discuss it and see... Perhaps Hunter: The Vigil...]


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