Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Kato Movie

Okay, like everyone else, I'm going to ask the obvious question: why isn't Kato the star? Everything is due to him, it's just that Reid is an arrogant pratt and Kato let's him get away with it.

So, the plot is that Brett Reid is a pratt and his father dies and he remains a pratt and Kato kicks everyone's arse, and Brett remains a pratt at the end of the movie. And there's fighting and cars and no-one gets shot by bullets and hardly anyone dies... although those that do do get killed off very efficiently (one nameless thug dies by car landing on him, complete with brief shot of his splatted body, yeah)...

Seth Rogan is completely miscast for this. Stick with comedy mate, it's what you were trying to do in this movie, but it didn't work. Really. There are lots of moments when, if this was trying to be a comedy, it would have done brilliantly. But it wasn't, so it didn't. Jay Chou is a total star from beginning to end, no wonder he's a star in Asia. Christoph Waltz should get his own movie as well, deserves better than what he's given in this. And even Cameron Diaz wasn't too annoying.

Bit of a mis-fire of a movie, but could have been worse.


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krissthesexyatheist said...

In a perfect world, or at least more perfect than what we have now, we would have an Asian lead. It has been THE topic among Asians for decades. One day, one day.