Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yeah... Portal...

So, yes, Portal... it's what everyone is talking about, so I finally gave in and experienced it. Not by anything so crass as actually playing it myself(*), but through the experience of other people playing it. A fair few 'let's play' style videos on Youtube, so I'll link to the ones I used.

Portal as played by ... huh... can't find the video series now. I'll link to JX23's instead then! Don't have subtitles on at the beginning, not sure how it works as a series...

Portal 2 as played by Kevin. Can't remember when he switches the subtitles on. I think this is a play through from scratch (ie not played before), although he seems to know the story. 13 parts in (maybe 14 when this posts), and still not at the end.

Portal 2 Co-Op as played by Simon and Lewis (the Yogscast'ers). Quite amusing as they fumble their way through the levels. They don't switch on the subtitles until around part 7. Haven't watched all the videos, so don't know if they have a complete series available yet.

Do have to say that the voice casting is brilliant, worth playing for that alone. Decent enough story, although it's all about the puzzles. Some easy, some quite tricky. And, yes, very addictive it would seem...

(*) Although I have now brought the Orange Box.

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