Sunday, 22 May 2011

Team Xero #007, #008

Catching up with my Xero issues. (Don't know if I ever mentioned it, but these are based on the High Concept Challenges over on rec.arts.comics.creative )

#7: There's trouble in the city. One man is on a mission... a mission that involves silver skulls!

#8: What makes a man a broccoli... I mean, a superhero? Can he, should he, take time out? Oh, the agony of being him...



evildicemonkey said...

Issue 7
"Well, it is likely to be a trap"
"Then let's enter it"


Issue 8
Don't you know talking is a free action?

That downlow shot really shows off his lack of nostrils, a super power to stop him smelling his Broccoli fart?

(I stopped watching Doctor Who mid-way through and watched this instead, how's that for a recommendation?)

Jamas Enright said...

Either a recommendation for me... or a condemnation for the DW episode!