Monday, 23 May 2011

DW: 6.5

When you start watching it, and you wonder "where do I know him from?" the answer is Life on Mars. Bugged me for a moment before I remembered. Then again, this episode was authored by Matthew Graham, who wrote Life on Mars. May have influenced the casting. (In a "I wrote this with him in mind, can we get him?" way rather than a "Haha! I demand we hire him!" way.) Or it could just be a coincidence.

This so should have been a 'new take on the Autons' story. It could still be, with the 'new technology' line still to be explained, but unless they throw in some time travel, not likely.

This also could have resulted in an interesting philosophical discussion about identity and memory and continuity of consciousness, but instead we need a monster show, so monster attack it is.

Also get the feeling that the whole church setting was supposed to be really, really significant, moreso than the "where else to create life?" line. Which sounded like a late insert justification for filming in a church.

(BTW: The card stack? Changes between set ups. Continuity error! Ha, knew it would happen. And the arm also had problems.)

Better than Fear Her? Yes, but that wasn't much of a bar.

Next week: So, lots of tension over the fate of the TARDIS then...


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