Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Watch the Death 4

After returning from the big dragon fight, we take a moment to revitalise ourselves, and check out the video footage. Every few days a cartload of Aurans are taken out, and not brought back... hmmm...

We meet again with the Caele, who now is willing to explain to us that a nearby city became infested with gene-stealers, creatures of the Tyranids... mutant filth that must be eliminated. While they have walled off the city and keep a ring of fire around it, we cannot be certain that nothing has escaped. Indeed, we scan the Caele, his guard (and ourselves) just to be sure.

Heading out to the city, we stop off with the guards around the closed off city, and observe the city in the smoke. We find out that the creatures inside make occasional breaks for freedom, but are cut down. One party went inside, and there was only one survivor (not suspicious at all). However, there is only one thing we can do. We are dropped off inside for the up close and personal touch.

When inside, we spot something metallic, and find a base constructed into the side of the ravine where the city is located. Inside looks like a base for observing the outside, however we do find shackles that indicate they had a gene-stealer captive... clearly not captive enough.

There was one section set up with a web of light to stop us, however a charge and slash with the chain sword put paid to that. And indeed helped us to kill the gene-tainted hybrids that hid beyond. There was a passage into the caves below, and my battle brother saw that there was one gene-stealer track unaccounted for. As we went along the tight tunnels, it found it. It was a harsh battle, with it being quick. But not sturdy. Fortunately, we put paid to it quickly or it could easily have been the end of us in those tight quarters.

One gene-stealer filth down... many, many more to go...

[Another session over and I didn't die! That makes 'death', 'not', 'death', 'not'... oh dear...]


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