Friday, 17 June 2011

Conspiracy... or Conspiracy?

The other day, I was sent this link to 11 Conspiracy Theories That Just Won't Die. Well, no, not if you keep talking about them. Why do you want us to stop talking about them? Do you know something about them you don't want us to know? Are you implying some of them are real? Are you? Are you trying to sneak in real ones to make us think they are fake by listing them with stupid ones?

I'll agree with most of that list, that they are indeed conspiracies that won't go away. Although some of them I hadn't heard of. (The 2004 tsunami was due to an Indian nuclear experience by the Israeli and Americans?) On the other hand, I think they are missing some, such as Big Pharma (are they working for Big Pharma and trying to distract us from thinking about it?)

But there's something else to note. While I like being informed about the conspiracies out there, so I know what the government is trying to cover up, I see that this is on a site that let's you find out about online degrees. (No, not a site that sells them.) Really? Bring us in with reasonable sounding conspiracies, then try to onsell us education? Dammit, don't know you that conspiracies can't survive actually learning about things?

What are they really trying to do...?


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