Thursday, 16 June 2011

Aquamarine Torch!

Yes! Yes! I have seen it! Bask in my glow! Moreover, I saw it in 3D... my first 3D film... ow, my eyes hurt... I might talk about that more at some later date...

Short version: not the bestest thing ever, but still pretty damn good!

This is another origin story for Hal Jordan. Abin Sur loses a fight, lands on earth, Hal Jorden gets picked, and then he has to prove himself worthy of being a Green Lantern. (While not the story line of Emerald Dawn, it does follow the emotional story of it.) Yes, there are some continuity references, but there is a lot of continuity differences too. But that's going to happen. There's a nice contained tie in of stories that so didn't happen in the comics, and yes there can be sequels, although there are some elements that do seem to be cut off now (I'll simply say 'Sapphire')... but I'm sure that wouldn't still WB from coming up with some way of cashing in on it.

While I still haven't decided who will be in my cast of Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds does make a good Hal Jordan. I am more used to an older Hal from the more recent comics, so need to keep reminded myself he is supposed to be younger here. Blake Lively plays Carol well, making her really strong, although she is not the focus at all. Peter Sarsgaard I'm not sold on as Hector, and the make up is not helping. And yay Mark Strong as Sinestro, although I kept focusing on his teeth... (And NZ actors represent!)

Speaking of effects, yeah, a lot of those. There is CGI all over the place here, and a lot of eye candy. Animation is working well, with motion capture capturing everything. The 3D is nice, but not essential. I would have liked a cleaner ring design, but not in this grim and gritty world that all movies seem to inhabit...

So, yeah, Green Lantern. I've seen it. ...I might see it again, not sure... but join us, won't we?



evildicemonkey said...

How did you manage to get to see it before it was officially released?

Jamas Enright said...

I know people... people with connections... Yay premier screenings!