Monday, 6 June 2011

DW: 6.7

Um... okay, I'm going to ask. I'm not sure if this will end up being a popular question, or just draw looks of "you aren't actually a fan are you?", but... what was the point of this episode?

Seriously, what exactly happened? There was build up, build up, build up, the Doctor then shows up... and wins, then... everyone stands around talking for a while, then it turns out he lost and the episode ends with the crappy leaked rumour being true. I hate to label this as such, but as a mid series episode, and supposed cliff hanger (at least, I am supposing this episode was supposed to make us want to see the rest of the series when it returns), this episode strikes me simply as 'filler'.

So let's talk Melody Pond/River Song. Really? That was the idea all along? Certainly there was the link with the name from the beginning of Amy's joining, but... how many of us are going to go back and watch the fifth/sixth series episodes with that relationship in mind... fine, we know they kissed, but seriously Moffat has presented a dodgy connection all around. (And at which point does a Time Lord tell someone their name?) Melody as the daughter would suggest a daddy/daughter relationship with the Doctor, but 'my love'? Um... yeah... Oh, and River ends up in Stormcage because she killed the Doctor as a child? Although, we never did see who was in the suit at that point...

As for the rest, Lorna is the only interesting character. The rest are just there for 'oh, look, a get together RTD would be proud of, with far less justification/result'. However, Lorna is who Amy could have been, the girl who waited but the Doctor didn't return for. One of the many he doesn't remember. But her character is subsumed in the wider 'going to war' story. (Not that it was much of a war.)

In all, a bit of a fizzle, really. And it's a shame that the Good Man wasn't Rory.

Next time: Bwahahahahahaha!


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