Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Go ahead, bake my quiche

Actually, I haven't encountered the quiche episode yet (if there is one), but there are lots of other products in The Great British Bake Off. Yes, once again I've been distracted by food series, but not Heston, nor Sue and Giles, but Sue and Mel.

There are six episodes, and we are starting with eight amateur bakers. In each episode, dedicated to a theme (eg cakes, bread, etc), they get to show off a single signature item, then they do a technical challenge of all using the same recipe (at least ingredients and idea of what should be made), then they have to create a range of things. So far, each technical challenge has been described as 'the most difficult technical challenge so far'. Really? Anyway...

The two judges are Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. So far they've been aligned in their opinions... however, I've noticed that Paul usually opines first and Mary agrees with him. It's hard to read if she does actually think the same, or is simply going along with him. I presume she can think for herself but... take charge woman!

At the end of episode episode an announcer says "if you've been inspired then go to our website." Have to say, watching this, a word beginning with in- does occur to me, but it's not inspired.

It's not the slang-fest bitch fight of a lot of competitive shows... but I like that. Sedately British. Now excuse me, I'm thinking about a nice Chelsea bun...


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