Monday, 27 June 2011


Ha, finally managed to catch the movie that's following in the footsteps of Paranormal Activity.

After a rather odd opening (I'll come back to in a bit), this movie does a very slow build of odd things happening, books falling off, strange sounds, and then people creeping about the place. However, the pinnacle is reached when the paranormal investigators turn up... and that's definitely a turning point as the movie starts pinging off the goofy meter.

And Hewey and Dewey as the paranormal techs certainly establish a rather bizarre double act, completely undercutting any and all tension raised. The movie tries to build it up again, but just can't keep itself straight.

What we end up with is a cross between Paranormal Activity, Poltergeist, (*) and about ten pounds of cheese.

And then there's the sound-track. During the opening credits, we get an excessively over the top attack of violin strings, which sets the stage of bizarre music. It flips from tension-tightening to syrupy romantic on a dime in an entirely inappropriate way. And then more violin strings. Whoever did the music had the Psycho soundtrack on as "inspiration" too often.

It was a try, but falls over not being sure what kind of movie it is...

(*)Dammit, there was another ghost horror movie I was reminded of, but can't remember what. Could easily have been an episode of an anthology series too... if I remember, I might update this.


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