Friday, 24 June 2011

Loosely Fast

A new (well, beginning of the year) show from the BBC is Fast and Loose. An improv show very much in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, this has six comedians (none of whom I had heard of before, aside from Wayne Brady from the American version of Whose Line) doing lots of different quick thinking skits, hosted by Hugh Dennis.

...However, to be honest, aside from one-liner moments, the longer bits generally aren't that funny. Except for one section, Interpretive Dance. David Armand (yes, that Johann Lippowitz does mime to various songs, and two of them have to guess what the song is (they're wearing headphones so can't hear the song). Have a go with this one... although considering the song is in the clip name, it's not hard. But try without the sound first anyway, and see how well you can follow along what's being sung, and then go to the sound version.

There are eight episodes, and lots of clips on youtube, and it looks like most the Interpretive Dance clips are there. Enjoy those ones and give the rest a miss.



Jet Simian said...

Hah! I got it right first time!

And yep - I thought it was that dude as well. Told you, even :D

Of course, I WAS wrong and got David Armand and Mat Holness mixed up. It could LITERALLY happen to anyone. Have you seen Garth Merenghi yet?

Jamas Enright said...

The correct question is: have I found Garth Merenghi? The answer is the same...