Saturday, 25 June 2011

Projecting Lantern's Light

You know how I suggested that there should be a decent continuity of non-comic Green Lantern? Well, it's unlikely to be the movie... 39% really? I know it isn't the best movie ever, but... really? 26%??? Sigh, I guess there won't be a sequel after all...

But there will be something. An animated series!

Have to say, with that voice, I was expecting a silhouetted Lantern to come out in a 30s suit, brandishing a gun and putting a bullet through the camera lens...

Anyway, yay for cartoon series. Depending on who the writers are, this could be decent. (Not that I have any idea who decent writers would be for the cartoon series... Not even sure I'd want Geoff Johns to be associated with it...)


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